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Getting Started

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This is a CLI for interacting with a Lagoon instance. By default, it is configured to work against instance.

If you run the CLI in a directory that has a valid .lagoon.yml and docker-compose.yml that references your project in lagoon, then you don't need to specify your project name on the command line as the CLI can read these files to determine the project. You can still define a project name though if you want to target a different project.


To use this CLI, you need an account in the Lagoon that you wish to communicate with, and your SSH key needs to be associated to your account.


The preferred method to install is via Homebrew.

brew tap amazeeio/lagoon-cli
brew install lagoon

Alternatively, you may install by downloading one of the pre-compiled binaries from the releases page

Running as a Docker Image#

In order to use the Lagoon CLI as a docker image (if that's the way you roll) you will need to add your own .lagoon.yml and ssh keys as volume mounts. This will use your existing config files with their defaults etc, and the full range of Commands are available. Note that it needs read-write access to the .lagoon.yml to store the login token.

docker run \
-v ~/.lagoon.yml:/root/.lagoon.yml:rw \
-v ~/.ssh/cli_id_rsa:/root/.ssh/id_rsa:ro \
uselagoon/lagoon-cli:latest \
config list


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